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About Original Company

Original - Export Solutions
Assisting Egyptian Exporters
by providing Trade Fair Services & Export

We are a private company established since 3 years with a sole focus of assisting Egyptian exporters. our management have the experience in the export field more than 18 Years.

  • Exporting
  • Marketing
  • Trade fair services
  • Consulting
  • Market Research

Our Services

Trade Fair Services

with our experience in international exhibitions we are assisting Egyptian exporters at international trade fairs through build stands and supporting the exporters on site .

Develop existing markets

We make full support for current customers and develop the business with them and develop plans to win with customers and channels by making every Account a growth engine for the companies brand.

Open new markets

According to our wide network which existing in more than 20 countries and our knowledge with the mainly African and Gulf regions we can define the suitable markets for the company and find the good agent.

Faq Question

  1. A good base of Strong and expanding regional network.
  2. Proven experience in the served countries
  3. Regional existence of Key Accounts
  1. Getting the required help in developing their export business without heavily investing in building the function internally.
  2. Getting the updated information needed for the served markets
  3. Getting support to develop the business plans for the export business
  4. Getting the support needed for physical approach to the targeted markets through Original co. network. Strong and expanding regional network.
  5. Building internal export business know-how.
  6. Being a strong business player in the region.
  7. Building the agency/ distributers management system
  8. Coaching your internal export team if existed.
  9. Help to build your export department if needed.
  1. Business know-how and experience in reading , analyzing , planning and approaching export business opportunities.
  2. Developing export business service for local manufacturers who do not know or are not able to develop their export business in a more long-term , professional and sustainable way.
  3. Sustainable & continues support through real partnership of export process.

Contact us

Call: +2 01221 7005 24
Call: +2 01225 8040 87

Email: info@original-company.com
Web: www.original-company.com

Location: 70 Ahmed shawky, Mostafa Kamel
Alexandria , Egypt

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